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Austin Assault Defense Attorney

Texas Definition of Assault

Shadow on a Wall of 2 Individuals FightingIn Texas, you can be charged with assault even if you never physically touch the alleged victim. This is because assault can refer to the act of only threatening another person. Assault can be charged as both a simple misdemeanor and a serious felony, depending on the circumstances.

Regardless, if you are convicted of assault you will have a criminal record that will be accessible to others in a routine background check, which can compromise your future. That is why it is important to fight back with a strong legal defense.

The Law Office of Paul Quinzi, PLLC offers experienced legal counsel for those accused of any type of assault in Travis County. As a former prosecutor, our Austin assault defense attorney understands how the other side operates and can use that insight in building your defense. More importantly, your case will get the personal attention it deserves from a lawyer who is truly looking out for your best interests.

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What Are the Penalties for Assault in Texas?

Assault refers to intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly causing physical contact or bodily harm to another person or threatening to do so. When it is done without aggravating factors, it is charged as a misdemeanor.

Assault can be elevated to a felony charge when it involves factors such as:

  • Choking the alleged victim
  • Assaulting a family or household member (domestic violence)
  • Assaulting a public servant, such as a police officer, firefighter, or emergency medical technician
  • When it results in a serious physical injury
  • When it is committed with the use of a weapon

Penalties for assault can range from a fine of $500 for a Class C misdemeanor to a prison term ranging from five years to life. If it is a first-degree felony, you may face up to a $10,000 fine on top of prison time.

Law Office of Paul Quinzi, PLLC Assault Legal Counsel

Your first priority in any assault case should be to find capable legal representation as soon as possible. It is important to understand the charges you are facing and their potential consequences. The Law Office of Paul Quinzi, PLLC is always available to take your call and we can get to work immediately to ensure that your legal rights are protected as we explore all legal options on your behalf.

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