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Possession of Marijuana in Austin

Austin Marijuana Laws

Marijuana Grow HouseDid you get a ticket or were you arrested for possession of marijuana (POM) in Austin? While our firm considers POM charges to be entirely unjust, they still affect your record and should be taken very seriously. At the Law Office of Paul Quinzi, PLLC, our criminal defense lawyer believes that the government should spend its time helping to solve problems rather than creating them in the form of unreasonable, unworkable, and unjust marijuana prohibition laws.

Attorney Paul Quinzi actively fights for reform and is a member of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) Legal Committee. Because we find the current Austin marijuana laws on possession of marijuana to be so unfair, our attorney strives to clear the record of our clients who are facing these charges.

If you are facing charges for possession of marijuana in Austin, contact the Law Office of Paul Quinzi, PLLC at (512) 515-1856.

Penalties for Possession of Marijuana

In the state of Texas, if you are charged with possession of marijuana you could be facing serious penalties. Depending on the amount of marijuana found in your possession, you could face misdemeanor or even felony charges.

Possible Penalties:

  • Class B misdemeanor (2 ounces or less) – up to 180 days imprisonment and a $2,000 maximum fine
  • Class A misdemeanor (between 2 and 4 ounces) – up to 1-year imprisonment and a $4,000 maximum fine
  • Felony (between 4 and 5 ounces) – 180 days imprisonment minimum and up to 2 years imprisonment, and a $10,000 maximum fine
  • Felony (between 5 and 50 pounds) – no less than 2 years imprisonment and up to 10 years imprisonment, and a $10,000 maximum fine
  • Second Degree felony (between 50 and 2,000 pounds) – no less than 2 years imprisonment and up to 20 years imprisonment, and a $10,000 maximum fine
  • Felony (more than 2,000 pounds) – minimum of 5 years imprisonment, up to 99 years imprisonment and a $50,000 maximum fine

Drug Possession Lawyer Serving Travis County

Unfortunately, if you received a ticket or were arrested for possession, your record is in jeopardy. Your ticket, booking, and prosecution are public records in Texas. Unless your case is handled properly and thoroughly, your record could stay public forever.

Attorney Paul Quinzi has over 15 years of experience successfully handling possession of marijuana cases in the Austin area. When you hire our firm, you can expect to work closely with Mr. Quinzi, who will guide you through every step of the process. He ensures you are fully informed throughout every stage of your case as he fights for the optimal outcome. The ultimate goal is to get your case dismissed so you can expunge your records.

We truly feel that the criminalization of marijuana is unnecessary, which is why we always aim to have these drug crime cases dismissed and expunged. Our criminal defense firm takes pride in defending the accused and fighting for their rights.

Call us at (512) 515-1856 for a free consultation and evaluation of your Austin marijuana possession case.

We Are Not Here To Judge

Currently facing criminal charges in Austin/Travis County? You are presumed innocent! You deserve the benefit of a reasonable doubt, and an attorney who will do everything possible to clear your good name. We have the experience and expertise you deserve to protect your rights.