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Austin Motion to Revoke Probation Lawyer

What Does Motion to Revoke Mean?

In the Texas criminal justice system, probation is designed to give individuals the ability to still be a functioning member of society, allowing them to continue working and provide for their families. However, when a Motion to Revoke Probation (MTR) is filed against you by the State of Texas, you could end up serving the remainder of your sentence in jail or prison. An MTRP is for misdemeanors and is ATRP for felonies.

If you have recently received a notice about your probation being revoked or that you have an arrest warrant against you in Austin, our experienced criminal defense attorney at the Law Office of Paul Quinzi, PLLC can fight for your freedom. We understand that mistakes happen during probation, so why get sent to jail over them? We can provide an effective and personalized legal defense to help you avoid spending time behind bars.

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Understanding Texas Probation Violations

An MTR is filed by the State against a person who is sentenced to either probation or community supervision. An arrest warrant for violating your probation terms is issued as soon as the motion is filed.

The following are common examples of violating probation:

  • You’ve been accused of another crime
  • You were arrested and failed to notify your probation officer within 48 hours
  • You failed to report to your probation officer
  • You failed or skipped a drug test
  • You failed to take or complete a court-ordered alcohol/drug class
  • You failed to finish community service

An MTR hearing is held in front of a judge, rather than a jury. The State must prove your probation officer’s allegations. If the State proves its case, the judge will either send you to jail, issue a fine, or increase the length of your probation. Keep in mind, your jail or prison sentence will not be longer than the original sentence.

Although you may not have the same rights in an MTR hearing as they do in a traditional criminal trial, you still have a right to a criminal defense attorney. Do not hesitate to let our firm protect your rights and future immediately.

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